Repairing 6m-band Vertical Dipole Antenna
6m-band Single Loop Antenna Renewed
Antenna Base Newly made for New Car
Antenna Preamp Case
Antenna Preamp for HF/VHF/UHF
6m-band Dipole Antenna Recovery
Three 6m-band Antennas Influenced by Typhoon Faxai
Three 6m-band Antennas measured before Typhoon Faxai hits
Three 6m-band Antennas measured under Clear Sky
6m-band Single Loop Antenna with Vertical Ploarization
6m-band Single Loop Antenna Completed
6m-band Single Loop Antenna Adjustment
6m-band Single Loop Proto-type Antenna
Gamma-Matched 6m-band Dipole Antenna
Experiment of New Gamma Matching
Improvement of 50MHz Vertical Dipole replacing SB14 with SB15
Fixed 50MHz Vertical Dipole using SB14
Typhoon Trami Has Bent My Anttenas
Solar Panel like Flower
VHF GP on Top of HF Dipole
HF Antenna Relocation Coping with Typhoon
V-UHF Antennas Relocation Coping with Typhoon
Improvement of Antennas at Sakura Kaikan
Measurement of 3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040 (2018/05/11)
Measurement of 3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040 (2017/08/08))
Improvement of 3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040
Antenna Nested Down in Preparation for Typhoon
Removed Monkey-Radder to Roof
Strong Wind Measures against Typhoon
Inventorying of Antennas
50MHz Vertical Dipole Antenna
All Antennas Allocated Accessible from Veranda
Finished Antenna Maintenance Coping with Typhoon
Reinforcement of Mast Holding Member
Antenna with Sunset Glow Behind
VSWR of 3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040
Reinforced Mast against Strong Wind
Stepradder Tower Removed by Myself Down Off Roof
Home Antennas Relocated
Aluminum Pipes for Antenna Masts Delivered
3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040 Rebuilt
50/144/430MHz Antenna GP-14 Built
Antenna Basement Finally to Ironwork for Improvement
Started Improvement of Antenna Basement
Antenna CP8040 Repaired & Pull-in Hole Made on Wall
3.5/7MHz Antenna CP8040 Removed Temporarily
Coaxial Cable Loss Measured
Antennas on Roof Removed by Myself
Coaxial Cables in Attic
Found Honeycomb during Inspection of Antennas and House
Going to Remove Antennas on Roof
Antennas With Sunset Glow Behind, Yesterday
Antennas With Sunset Glow Behind
Stepradder Tower to be Soon Removed from Rooftop
Mobile Whip Antenna Works More Than Expected

Digital Radio
Echo Link Spreading Among Local Stations
Echo Link installed in Mobile Phone
Log File Referred by WSJT-X
JT65 Decoding Failures 2
JT65 Decoding Failures 1
Strange Issues on JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition
HF Transceiver for JT65 has come to Work Again
HF Transceiver for JT65 Died
PSE-LOG Data Successfully Exported to JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition
Trend on SDR Technology
JT65 Operation After Long Time

News on Disaster Prevention Drill
Visited Ham Fair 2017
Invitation on Web to Disaster Prevention Drill
Seminar on Trend of SDR Technology
Fussa Citizens Culture Festival 2016
Assembly Meeting of JARL Tokyo Branch

Radio Shack
View from Rooftop of JA1PSE's Shack
JA1PSE's Radio Shack
Antennas at JA1PSE's Radio Shack

Old JARL life membership Certificate
Application Form Simplified
Licensed Digital Modes
Digital Mode Application Sent Back
Application of Additional Digital Modes
Lost Long Time but Found the Radio Operator License

Log Software
Log File Referred by WSJT-X
PSE-LOG Data Successfully Exported to JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition
Homebrew Log Software PSE-LOG Improved

Power Supply
DC-DC Boosting Converter
Repairing PC Battery Pack

Sending Delayed QSL Cards
Wrong Usage of Q code
Result of QSO Party 2017

Radio Contests
QSO Party Sticker Arrived 2019
Attended Field Day Contest 2018
QSO Party Sticker Arrived 2018
Attended QSO Party 2018
Attended Field Day Contest 2017 & Got 6th Place
Submitted 6m AND DOWN Contest Log 2017
Submitted All JA Contest Log 2017
Result of QSO Party 2017
Attended Field Day Contest 2016 & Got 3rd Place

Radio Equipments
Backup Battery Replaced on TS-50
List of Equipments Without Spurious Warranty
HF Transceiver for JT65 has come to Work Again
HF Transceiver for JT65 Died

PLC Field Test Starts
Inviting Public Comment to Action Plan of Frequency Reallocation
Administrative Disposition due to Band-edge Operation